LRC Level 1

Build strong technical skills to coach distance runners and learn how to design running plans.

The Legacy Running Coach Certification is a world-class program that will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and tools that you will need to be an effective running coach. Study at your own pace, online and become a certified coach in no time.

Fitness & Training Principles

Key components of physical fitness, training zones and heart rate monitoring in runners.


Gain an in-depth understanding of the impacts nutrition has on the human body and how it translates to running performance.

Building Running Programs

Learn the fundamental principles that will enable you to build your own custom running plans for your clients. Gain access to tools and program templates to accelerate your learning curve.

Athlete Assessments

Learn a step by step process that will enable you to properly assess the fitness levels and running potential of your athletes. Templates and free pre-built forms are available to help implement the assessment process into your practice.

Anatomy & Principles of Movement

Learn the key anatomical terminology and a deep understanding of human movement as it relates to running.

Running Technique

Learn the components of the Running Gait Cycle and how to coach for an effective running stride.

Building Strength Routines

Explore an in-depth section on strength training as it specifically relates to running performance. Access a library of exercises with full descriptions of their running application and how to safely perform them.

Building Your Coaching Business

Learn from a professional running coach what it takes to be successful. This course includes tools, form templates, and resources that will immediately help you grow your coaching business. 


Over the course of several weeks, you will learn the technical skills needed to coach distance runners and build custom training programs. A case study, practical component and a certification exam will ensure you have the knowledge​ required to be successful.

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As a certified running coach you will have expertise and knowledge that you can use in the running industry. There are multiple ways for you to utilize your Legacy Running Coach Certification. Get your coaching career started today!


  • Coach Distance Runners
  • Lead Group Training
  • Design Running Programs 
  • Work With Sports Teams
  • Get Paid To Speak
  • Lead Local Run Clubs
  • Build Your Coaching Business Online 


A certification program that not only teaches you the technical components but gives you the tools you’ll need to build a successful coaching business. 

Unlike other programs, you will take away much more than just technical knowledge and a certification. You will receive templates, tools, and resources that will help you to scale your business quickly so you can start making money from your expertise on day one.



Turn your passion for running into your calling and transform the lives of your athletes.

Your certification will open up the door for you to a rewarding career as a running coach. With the skills gained you will be empowered to build custom running programs and support endurance athletes towards achieving their goals. 

This Certification Program exceeded my expectations big time!

The Legacy Running Coach Certification not only provides an in-depth technical knowledge but the tools and best practices from professional running coaches that know what they’re doing. 
Jason, LRC Level 1 Coach


The Legacy Running Coach Certification is available online using a powerful student portal. Study at your own pace while receiving support along the way.


Students have access to running plan templates, athlete forms, and coaching tools that will help you to accelerate the growth of your coaching business.

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